Artist Direct hat zur Premiere des Films „The Raven" den Schauspieler John Cusack und SLIPKNOT / STONE SOUR Frontmann Corey Taylor für ein gemeinsames Interview zusammengebracht. Zwischen den beiden gibt es ziemlich viele Parallelen, so drehte sich das Gespräch u.a. um die Liebe zu Edgar Allan Poe, das Maskentragen und darum, in Werken (musikalischen wie filmischen) seine dunklere Seite zu verarbeiten.

Einige Auszüge findet ihr im Folgenden, das komplette Gespräch HIER.


When you peer into the abyss, you can create some incredible art.

John Cusack: Yeah, or you can make the argument you can't even do good work unless you incorporate that dark side. You always have to have your shadow in any creative endeavor. Some do it more than others [Laughs].

Corey Taylor: Definitely!

John, you wear a mask during the ball scene of The Raven, and Corey, masks are an integral element of the Slipknot ethos and experience. What is it like to emote under a mask?

Corey Taylor: For me, there are so many different emotions going on during a Slipknot show that you can always use it to tap into that unbridled id and cross back and forth between scream therapy and pure emotion. I've always thought I'm showing more than I'm hiding by wearing that mask, jumping out on that stage, and doing that stuff. It's almost like showing the audience that pressure valve and being able to let it blow wide open and go for it.

John Cusack: Yeah, the idea with the mask is by losing yourself you get to show more of yourself.

Corey Taylor: I completely agree.